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In 2012 Frederik Jassogne established Hangaar ( with Bart Moens, they're specialized in developing and implementing innovative interactive digital technology in artistic environments. They provide technical-artistic assistance for artists and organizations in realizing their interactive audiovisual installations.

Sander Van de Vijver grew up in Mortsel, near Antwerp, surrounded by plastic boxes of unsorted lego-blocks, my older brother's fantasy football league his dad's sturdy PowerMac, and his mom's excellent Wednesday-afternoon hot chocolate milk. He studied visual arts and film studies, all the while preoccupied with drawing the perfectly creased Lacoste-polo and cultivating the perfect facial hair (neither have been achieved as of yet).

Where what's happening

A cover project by Liesa Van der Aa - November 2013
Liesa recorded 4 cover songs. In line with her earlier work, she sparsely started from violin and voice: Johan Leysen sang, Stijn Cole shared his studio and Paul Kendall mixed all the material. From November 10th, this material will be exclusively available as a 10 inch" vinyl in France - only a few copies find their way to Belgium and will be sold at Liesa's concerts.

Don't miss out on this collector's item.

Where What's Happening published by Volvox Music France: the collaboration that started with the European release of Troops, now continues.

Liesa van der Aa Live